Aug 6, 2011

Another project in my small kitchen!

I was at work one day and someone I work with wore a tie dye scrub top. I thought to myself "why haven't I of all people made one of those yet?!" So I forewarned her that I was going to make one myself and promptly went to Walmart and Hobby Lobby to get my supplies! I bought a relatively good white scrub top from Walmart

Then I drove my excited butt to Hobby Lobby and actually found a tie dye kit on sale! yippee! Unfortunately I had to wait a few days to actually make the shirt bc ya know I was busy. When I had a chance I rubber banded my design- a mixture of starburst patterns. If you have never tie dyed before there are guidelines included with the dye as well as some good ones online.

Then I laid out all of my supplies:
walmart sacks
clothing to dye
3 sets of gloves
saran wrap

(I highly recommend using both a trash bag and papertowels on a hard large work surface. Also have a few extra gloves handy and some walmart sacks. I'll explain the walmart sacks soon.)

Any fabric works better slightly damp so I got my shirt wet and laid it on top of the papertowels which were on top of the trash bag like so

I put on my first pair of gloves and filled up the dye bottles with hot water to absorb all the powder.
 Then I switched gloves again and started placing the dye on my shirt! (no pic of this bc I didn't want to ruin my camera)When applying the dye it's best to use the colors close in the color wheel together. So when the colors bleed (and unless you want a lot of white on your shirt they will bleed) they are blended together nicely and not muddy. Be sure to remember what side of your shirt is where when it's all bundled up in the rubber bands so you don't make your pattern to strange when it's unfolded.

When I was done with the dye I placed it in one of the walmart sacks to keep it from getting anywhere it didn't need to be. Then I threw my gloves in the bag. Then I laid out a layer of saran/plastic wrap. Put on another pair of gloves and set the shirt on top of the plastic wrap, wrapped up the shirt and then placed it in another walmart sack. Then I threw everything away that was trash.
I let my shirt sit wrapped up for around six hours. Then I rinsed it alone in a large load in the washer. Then washed it on an entire cycle and dried it. 

I love it! 

Anyone have any tie dye to share with the Redheaded mama? 

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Aug 5, 2011

working on a new project

tutorial to come in the next few days. It involves tie dye!
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Aug 1, 2011

Giveaway is closed!

Winners will be chosen by the end of this day, stay tuned and sorry for the delay!

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Jul 18, 2011

Xmas In July giveaway!

A small but sweet Xmas in July giveaway just because we can! It Begins 7/18/11, and Ends 7/30/11. For a small giveaway, here's a small list of rules/guidelines:

1. You must comment on this blog entry.
2. You must be a follower of Redheaded Mamas Imagination on facebook.
3. You must comment on the picture of the item you would like to win. Link to album is here.
4. If the sponsor has a facebook page listed you must also like their page.
5. For additional entry you can also follow the RMI blog for tutorials and upcoming contests/giveaways.
    for example: next tutorial is a tye dye one! And next contest is a picture contest!

We are still taking sponsors up until 7/23/11, so please check back frequently!

 No entries will be counted unless instructions are followed.  Thanks again, and good luck!!!

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Jul 16, 2011


I will be working on the new Xmas in July giveaway!!!! Hopefully this will be an annual thing that will get bigger each year! Stay tuned!

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