Apr 2, 2010

Our little talker is a flirt!

First of all sorry I haven't written on this blog in so long, but I'm working the evening shift at the hospital and I work every other weekend as well, so while I'm home I'm spending time with Carter and Chris, and not really worrying about this blog. Carter is hitting 5 months old and he is talking up a storm. He smiles and acts shy around strangers but then talks to them like nothing ever happened. He has his own special squeal to call the animals, can jump really high in his jumper and has mastered rolling over from his back to his belly. He hasn't figured out how to get off of his belly yet but he's tolerating it better! This past week we started cereal once a day as he was starting to stare at Chris and I while we were eating and making the motions with his mouth like he was eating. He's beginning to really like eating cereal, it's funny. No, he's not teething yet, but eating cereal now is helping a lot with his reflux. He is sleeping through the night, with a few cliches here and there, mostly because he wants to sleep on his side but his sleep wedge is in the way. I'll attach some of the professional pics we had done a few weeks ago (Wendy and Kristine your copies are on our dining room table), but please check out his website for other candid photos! I'll try post more often!

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