Nov 16, 2010

First Crafty post

Well folks, I still do not have a new name for the blog. I for some reason am not good at thinking up a title that describes me. I always think of Queen mommy nurse Chanda. Which does not roll off the tongue well, so I don't believe that's a good name for the blog. I'm going to post the first blog craft post anyway.
I Love jewelry. I do not like paying for it. I decided I wanted some new rings, so I made them. I'm a little disappointed in the butterfly ring bc I could not find a charm without a hole in it, so for now I'll have to live with it until I find another one. Hopefully once we move out of this town I'll have more resources available to make more.

I also made this one out of a smoothed shell bead

And last but not least (bc little man woke up from his nap) is my favorite one.

Here's the side views:

And Yes I know my hands are dry I can't find my hand lotion. And those are real freckles I promise I didn't paint them on for any special affect.

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