Dec 14, 2010

Robot Butt

I made my own fluffy mail! Woo hoo for me! Now it's a little rough around the tabs because I had to combine three patterns to make one diaper because I was using free patterns online. I wanted to make an all in one that was also easy for hubby to use and had PUL. The PUL is hidden, I wanted to use the leftover robot fabric I had. It's flannel and the interior/soaker  has 2 layers flannel and one microfleece towel. The lining is the extra soft microfleece. The closure is velcro.
 I made one tab a little longer to overlap, because I like the fit.

 This last pic is just for comparison on size. This is next to one of  his FuzziBunz size medium.

Keep in mind this is my first one! I hope to get better. I have some monkey PUL that I'm going to make next. Now keep your fingers crossed it holds all of Carter's pee!

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