Jan 17, 2011

Officially moved

Well we have officially moved into our "rental" house in Lawrence and started our new adventure. However our old adventure is still for sale in Salina! It's sad that we haven't sold it yet, but the house we're staying in is even more sad! It's so shabby, there's plastic on the windows bc there are no storm windows, the sheetrock is coming off around the window in the kitchen, all the doors and cabinets are painted metal that is rusting and not to mention the heater is so freakin loud! But it's ok, it's a house and it's temporary. Carter is doing great. We've outgrown the pacifier at night (well me made him outgrow it) because he kept throwing it against the door accross the room and then screaming for it. So now he only gets the pacifier with his nap during the day and he seems ok with that. Chris already started his new job and I believe he likes it. I start mine next week and Carter will start daycare this Friday as a preemptive test for next week. I think he'll do great, he loves people and doing anything fun. He probably won't even miss me.
As for projects I'm still looking for a little wooden chair. I'm going to paint it and I have a vinyl sticker I'm going to put on it as Carter's "time out chair." I've also got to organize and scrapbook the past 6 months of pictures! I've been putting it off. Now that I type this I realize I also need to finish the scarf I'm knitting. Man I've got a lot of stuff to still do!
That's all for now!
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