Jan 6, 2011

Real fish vs Goldfish

My son hates white fish!! I've never really posted about Carter's trials and tribulations of eating foods because he's never had any! I swear he will eat anything we give him with no complaints and begs for more no matter how much he's already eaten. I've given him fish mixed with mashed potatoes and other stuff to make  patties and he loves it, but when I gave it to him with some rice and veggies he actually gagged!! That was one time, so we held off on the fish for a few days. I just gave it to him again with some cheese because as you know cheese makes everything better and he gagged again! He ate everything around the fish and signed "all done." He then refused to drink his milk because he has left fish bits on his cup! I'm just amazed that we've actually found one item of food he won't eat. I'm sure as he gets older it may change, but it looks like for now the only fish he'll eat straight is goldfish!