Apr 15, 2011

Kitn' Kaboodle Kids

Guess what? It's another guest blogger day! Today is special though because the guest blogger is someone I have known FOREVER. Seriously. Well at least since 1995! Yep kids that's a long time or forever in Chanda language. She is such a nice person and a wonderful stay at home mom who is Very crafty!! She could probably crochet something amazing in her sleep, while I cannot crochet to save my life.  Not to mention her kids are freaking adorable! Please show her some love on her blog These are a few of my Craftiest things and sneak on over to our guilty pleasure Etsy and check out her store Kitn' Kaboodle Kids

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Hello, Heather Lamps here from Kitn’ Kaboodle Kids etsy shop. I live in Arizona with my hubby and 3 kids ages 6, 5 and 2. I love being a SAHM but sometimes I need a break, that’s when crafting comes in! When the little one naps while the older kids are in school I craft, when 8 p.m. hits and the kids are in bed I craft. I love to crochet, sew, make hair bows, I even craft hair if you can believe it! I am always coming up with new and unique styles for my girls. Crafting is a hug stress reliever for me.

Coming up with the name of my Etsy shop was tough. Every name I came up was taken! I even tried many different versions and spellings, finally I called my mom to come to the rescue and together we came up with Kitn’ Kaboodle Kids.

Ready for a tutorial?!
I’ve been slackin on the decorating front lately and with the in-laws coming and Easter on the horizon I figured I should probably decorate a little. I decided to do a spring wreath, I don’t have many wreaths (ok I don’t have any) and I just love spring and all the bright colors and I figured it would brighten my day to look at something cheery.

I hit up the dollar store for this wreath, and then I went to Wal-Mart and got some Kyrlon paint in Bright Idea (yellow).

My wreath took about 2 coats.

While that was drying I went through my yarn stash and pulled out all my scraps of bright colors and crocheted little flowers and an eyelet garland. I glued all the flowers on little alligator clips so that that can be changed out or ya know worn in your hair!

Once the wreath was dry I wrapped the eyelet garland around it, and tucked the ends securely under one of the reeds (or whatever the wreath is made of).

Then I clipped on my flowers. And that’s it a fun spring wreath.

 And since nothing is glued down you can change it whenever ya want, which I think is a big bonus, interchangeable is AWESOME in my book!

Right now my go to product is my flowers and headbands, but I am working on expanding my crochet skills to clothes and even crocheted toy sets. I am always looking for unique products to offer in my shop, so if that’s what you are looking for check out kitnkaboodlekids.etsy.com.

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