Apr 21, 2011

My family tree

I got my birthday present in the mail today!!! Some of you are chuckling right now because you know my birthday is in March, but I'm not lying! I ordered a beautiful Family Tree Hand Stamped necklace made by StephieMc Designs on mamabargains.com. Here's what it looks like! 

Isn't it just the greatest thing ever made?! Well it's got to be at least in the top 10 of jewelry made! At the time I didn't know where mamabargains had found this piece of jewelry so when I got mine in the mail in it's own little pouch with cleaning cloth I headed over to her store.  There are so many more great pieces at StephieMC Designs etsy store.  If anyone wants to get me anything you can head on over there and  order me one of these:
or one of these
Obvioulsy the names on there should be Chris and Chanda.... just saying. But seriously these would make great mother's day gifts!!! Any mom would love one of the many choices she has.
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