Apr 18, 2011

A woman who can do it all!!!

No I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about a mama of two under two who has two businesses! Do I need to repeat that? She seems to be superwoman! She takes great photos and I wish I could fly her here to take some of my little man! While she may be "on vacation" from Etsy she is still a very crafty mama! She has agreed to be a guest blogger today!

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My name is Kat. I am a 25 year old mom to two adorable boys and wife to the most unpredictable man. We currently live in Seattle with our two cats and dog. We love to cook, hike, watch Top Chef, chase our kids around, and photograph our beautiful boys in addition to crafting up some crazy things---like dryer balls and animal hats. I currently have an Etsy site and a photography business, both of which I pursue in between naps, mealtimes, and diaper laundry.

My first product was a set of wool dryer balls that I had made. They were going to be my only product so I had tried to call my page "Kannon Woolz" but the name was already taken. My yarn box was sitting next to me, overflowing with inspiration and yarn begging to be knit, so I stuck with "The Yarn Box". I also have a photography business called "Happy Mama Photography". I just wanted to make a bunch of mamas happy with beautiful photos without the pricetag.

My friend at EarthBabyCreations made these awesome teething rings and I thought I would finally give it a shot. It is SUPER easy and both my kids (and our dog!) love these teethers.

Grab an old shirt and cut it into about 9 1-inch strips about 12 inches long.

Separate the strips into thirds and braid each third tightly. You can use your toes or a safety pin to hold them together while braiding--just leave a 2 inch gap from the top.

Once all thirds are in braids, braid them all together in one loose-ish braid. Tie the ends together to form a ring. You can use any ole' knot you like!

Toss in the freezer or simply hand to whatever reaches for it---my 6 month old, in this case.

They are great! You can make them larger for dogs. You can chain them together. You can soak them in fruit juice and freeze for teething pain. They machine wash well. Pretty cool?

I usually sell my goods at Farmers Market but this year I am actually taking a break from Etsy and focusing on my photography business and upcoming teaching year. I hope in the future to have more recycled goodies like totes and aprons....but it all takes time!

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