May 8, 2011

RMI needs your help! Winner get a variety of Happy Baby Foods!

A catch phrase/subtitle is needed for the etsy store and business cards! I'm seriously struggeling with this. I don't know why, so I'm making it into a contest so I'll get help! LOL. SimplyBannersnAds is making the banner and avatar and she is awesome! So help both of us out please, so she doesn't have to listen to me keep changing my mind!  (You should also check out her blog it's great!) Whoever comes up with the best one wins a variety of Happy Baby Foods! 

How to enter:
1. Like our Redheaded Mamas Imagination if you have't already.

2. Enter your comment under the Happy Baby Foods giveaway picture.

That's it!!! Easy huh? Good luck! 

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