Nov 30, 2010

I've been busy!

I finally got my sewing machine! I immediately made these owls that have been hiding in my mind and have been screaming to be made. One is a Christmas gift for a cute little girl and the other is still up for grabs. Not sure who's getting it! Not the best pictures but here they are:

I also reinforced and semi-quilted the robot bedspread that came with Carter's crib bedding. The stuffing inside it was so cheaply done by the manufacturer that after one wash it bunched up and was useless! So I fixed it. Little man is using it right now all snugly in his crib and I forgot to take pictures so you'll have to use YOUR imagination for the image.   psst- it is blue with red and green robots on it.
Next project is making my awesome boy a robot pillow for his little head.

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