Dec 3, 2010

Projects involving Chili

You read correctly I have been busy with my new craft project-making chili!

step 1. gather all your ingredients (hamburger is in the crockpot)

Step 2: throw everything in the crockpot

Step 3: cook for 6-8 hours

Step 4: serve and enjoy!
 So yummy with sour cream!

                                                            Just kidding guys! 

Although I did slave all day over the crockpot cooking chili, there aren't many other "projects" you could do with chili.

I did however make  my son's pillow as well as stitching our names into our stockings! Here's what I've really been up to!

Made a pillow for my little man.

And here are our store bought stockings with added "flare" that I don't believe honestly turned out well, but hey I tried!

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