Feb 25, 2011

Day care has screwed up my boy!

Not really, but I hoped I would have a kid that would continue to eat anything and everything. But since the day he started daycare he has become a picky eater. Once he realized that other people will give him what he wants and that other kids don't always eat the same thing he does he has decided he's not going to eat anything anymore. He won't even try it. I know it's normal and eventually it will get a little better, but I was just hopeful ya know that I had "the kid who'd eat all his vegetables." No such luck, now I've got to start joining the ranks of hiding vegetables in other foods. I'm going to start with veggie pancakes. Shredded zucchini and carrots (and other pancake ingredients)They can be frozen too!

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PS-on an unrelated subject, my new job is pretty sweet! So laid back compared to the hospital and I get to do all the same things and provide the same type of care as I was before. 

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