Mar 6, 2011

Anyone want to buy a house? (And a sneeze or two?)

I wish our house would sell so we can buy one here! I am in desperate need of my craft space back. As well as my kitchen! I've got so many things I want to do and so many ideas that it's making my brain hurt. AAHHH!!
On a happier note Grandy taught Carter to sneeze last week and this week he has perfected it. Here's a little video (don't mind the grumpy butt that shows his face at the end) he finally let me get of him doing it. It's so darn cute! He also says a bunch of new words! This past week he has been a sponge! He now says fish, cat (instead of kitty), cheese,  "wow, wow, wubbzy", hooray, yes, and he signs please and thank you. But he's now using the sign for please when he says fish. Crazy boy. He'll get it figured out.

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P.S. Is it spring yet? We want to go to the zoo! 

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