Mar 25, 2011

Did you know?

That a Myringotomy & Tympanostomy Tube placement lasts only 8 minutes? Seriously. The entire process lasted around 15 min. We (Carter and I) checked in, signed a paper, were then taken immediately back to pre-op where his blood pressure was checked while the Anesthesiologist talked to me (with his doc waiting in the background). Then the doc and nurse verified that I knew why I was there and what was decided regarding the procedure. And then Carter was whisked away. I was sent to the waiting room where I proceeded to text Chris that Carter was taken back. By the time Chris replied back and I had actually processed the fact that my little boy was under anesthesia getting a foreign object put in each ear (weren't we told to not put foreign objects in our ears growing up?), they called me back and said he was done. 
Yep 15 min total, it may have been closer to 16 or 17 but it's still faster than a doctor's appointment at the office! 
Oh yea and Carter did great of course. 

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