Mar 30, 2011

How to get in your sewing fix in a small living room

With No tables in the house! Step one drive about an hour away to Paola to use your friend's dining room table to cut up fabric (thanks Sarah!). Make sure that friend has a toddler/kid the same age as your toddler/kid to keep the other one entertained. Step two is to find a piece of cardboard the same size as your ottoman to use as a table like so

Then poor yourself a glass of wine and make sure your new table is able to balance something important.
If that works then go ahead and set up your sewing machine! 

Now the next thing I did was set up my thread and try it out to make sure I'm able to actually use the darn thing correctly. It's awkward with a capital A. But it'll work. My back will probably hate me later, but I need to make something. I'm going crazy and this blog is starting to lag in the crafting department. Stay tuned to see what I make with this set up!!! If it fails, I'm seriously going to try setting it up on the floor!

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